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Pragma Acuity broadens the Pragma scope of services

Pragma Acuity, a dedicated asset management consulting company within the Pragma Group, was launched on 1 October. Acuity will deliver asset management improvement and advisory projects to asset intensive industries as well as support multi-national companies utilising the Pragma ACC service.

Gerrie Olivier, MD of Pragma Acuity explained that sustainability is top of mind in their approach to asset management improvement projects. Says Olivier, “To have a sustainable business in today’s economic conditions requires an organisation to understand and manage their infrastructure, resources and operations in the most cost effective and risk adverse manner. Underpinning the sustainability is sound and practical asset management techniques and methodologies embed in the organisation so that they become habitual. To make asset management habitual requires change. Change in thinking, change in culture, change in structure, change in systems, change in organisational competency and change in the perception of time to achieve.”

Spearheading the consulting section is Dean Griffin. Griffin indicated that his team’s approach when engaging with a client is to firstly understand the organisation and its current reality across the entire scope of asset management. Once understanding is achieved, the process of improving can be started. Improving is a 3 stage process. The first stage is shaping the future, where a desired maturity is identified. The second stage is the moulding, changing and implementing of the desired state. The third stage is the review stage and this will look at the change and its impact, good or bad. The Pragma Acuity team then looks at how the new organisational structure and practices can be fixed so that sustainability is achieved.

Pragma Acuity Consulting has industry experts that have accumulated vast experience in both consulting and operational capacities. They employ the philosophy of the parachute when partnering with their clients. The parachute only operates correctly when it is fully open and the consulting team lives this through open minded solutions.

The internationally recognised consulting team can perform any task within an asset management context and have the associated skills to employ practical maturity focused solutions. The team fully understands the balancing act between performance, cost and risk and always considers each of these areas when moulding solutions with their clients.

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