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Pragma announces winners of FMC Awards

Public recognition is one of the best ways to acknowledge engaged employees and contractors for their efforts and dedication in delivering excellence in the work place. This is exactly what the Facilities Management Contract (FMC) Awards are all about. On 26 February 2015, employees and contractors involved with the Pragma managed Shell FMC received awards at a prestigious event hosted at Durbanville Hills.

“Reliant, dedicated and able staff and contractors are the backbone of the success of the Shell FMC,” says Pragma Business Area Manager, Edna Jackson. “Although every effort is continuously made to train and equip our staff and contractors to render top quality service to our client, it is the personal demeanor of individuals that make the difference real. This is in essence what we recognise with these awards.”

The awards are for outstanding performance by individuals in four categories namely Goal Zero (HSSE), Delivery (FMC Scorecard), Customer Service and Innovation. Nominations are made by fellow FMC employees, Shell operations and engineering team well as contractors. The emphasis of this year’s awards function was on teamwork and how People Make the Difference Real.

The 2015 FMC Staff Award winner was Daniel van Wyk (Customer Service). Michelle du Toit (Delivery) won second place with Xavier Thomas (Delivery) in third place. The winner of the L3 Contractor Award was Cool Technology’s Heiner Dominick (Innovation), with Pierre Zeeman and Sashern Moodley of Prowalco (Delivery) in second place and Alan Stevens of SP Signs (Customer Service) in third. Shell SA also presented a special thank you gift to each of the call centre employees in expression of their appreciation for a job well done.

Jackson concludes: “We’d like to use this opportunity to thank all our employees and dedicated contractors for their excellent service delivery on the Shell SA contract and congratulate the winners on their achievements. People do Make the Difference Real!

The FMC is responsible for the asset life cycle and maintenance management of Shell retail and commercial sites in South Africa. Pragma’s employees are responsible for the technical customer client interface, improvement projects as well as the management of the contractors (appointment, training and tasking) who perform maintenance activities.

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