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Pragma awarded top position at Deloitte best company to work for awards 2009

Pragma received the top award in the category Building, Construction and
Engineering at the glitzy Deloitte Best Company to Work for Awards
Function on 29 September 2009.

This is the second year Pragma has participated in the survey. Pragma
not only took a giant step forward in its industry category, but also
moved up in the Small Company Category, to end in seventh position. This
is an improvement of eight positions since the 2008 survey.

This improvement is the result of a deliberate investment and firm
commitment from management to be an employer of choice. Adriaan
Scheeres, CEO of Pragma, had the following answers when asked about
being an employer of choice:

What is the benefit of engaged employees?
“Engaged employees are the first and most important building block of
business success! With engaged employees we are confident to take on new
business challenges, face economic downturns and recoveries and deal
with rapid expansion.”

What lies behind your award-winning success?
“We believe our success can be attributed to:

  • A compelling COMPANY VISION that is well understood, communicated to
    all stakeholders and supported by a clear strategy: ‘Vision inspires,
    Vision creates passion, Vision gives hope and Vision defines the
  • A management team dedicated to living the COMPANY VALUES from the
    fore, creating an environment of honesty and trust for all: ‘Living by
    The Code’.
  • Continuous interventions to sustain POSITIVE ENERGY amongst a
    dedicated workforce give us our competitive edge: ‘Focused minds deliver

In order to take care of our clients’ physical assets, we need to take care of our employees.”

As Michael Mol, MC of the Awards Function commented as Adriaan left the
stage after receiving the award, “Congratulations Pragma, soon to be
giants in the industry!”   

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