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Pragma Brasil drive PAS 55 awareness within Brasil

Pragma Brasil is actively promoting the British Standards Institute
Specification on Asset Management (PAS 55-2008) within South America and
in particular Brasil. They are doing this through a number of ground
breaking activities. One such activity was held on the 29th&30th
June 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Asset Management within Brasil is
facilitated through an association similar to SAAMA in South Africa. In
Brasil this organisation is called Abraman and they are the body through
which PAS 55 documentation, support and awareness is facilitated. 

Abraman held their annual International Congress in June in Sao Paulo
Brasil and hosted over 7 International speakers speaking on subjects
ranging from Root Cause Failure analysis through to the PAS 55
specification. It was in this role that Pragma Acuity Partner, Dean
Griffin, led the way in discussing PAS 55 as well as the soon to be
released (2013/14) International Standard on Asset Management ISO 55000.
Over 250 delegates from across South America participated in the
congress which was facilitated in the English and Portuguese languages.

At the Abraman congress it was revealed that the PAS 55 specification
will be translated in to Portuguese and this will be available in
September 2011. The exciting news was that Pragma Brasil will be the
facilitator of the translation on behalf of Abraman which was a great
honour and responsibility. Pragma Brasil have driven the translation as
they feel that the specification is very applicable within South America
and the Institute of Asset Management (UK), who are the effective
owners of the specification, decided that a translation into Portuguese
would only be made late in to 2011 or 2012.

Pragma Brasil are also driving the awareness of the PAS 55 Specification
through their MBA course in Asset Management. The MBA is now in its
third semester and has over 60 delegates from all levels of business
participating. The MBA is based on a 3 pillar approach. The first is PAS
55, the second the AMIP framework which drives depth into the subject
and integrates nicely into PAS 55, and the last pillar being the EAM
software On Key. The delegate has to complete over 250 hours of taught
study as well as over 150 of self-study. They will complete assessments
and presentations through-out the course as well as a final
dissertation. During the MBA the delegates are given free access to the
On Key software to perform assessments and to practically apply the
lessons to their business. The opportunity for Dean Griffin to present
to the MBA classes during his visit for the Abraman congress was taken
and an entire morning was dedicated to discussing PAS 55 and how risk
management can be approached. 

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