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Pragma Brazil and Unicastelo University sign partnership agreement

Pragma Brasil recently concluded a historic agreement with a local
university, Unicastelo that will lead to the joint development and
presentation of an MBA in Physical Asset Management.

According to the partnership agreement, Unicastello (Universidade
Castelo Branco) and the Pragma Academy in Brazil will jointly offer an
MBA that particularly focuses on Maintenance Engineering, Lean
Maintenance and Shutdown Administration&Management.

The MBA is divided into two streams:

Stream one focuses on general topics including HR,
Finance, Administration, and will be managed and conducted by
Unicastelo. This course has total of 180 lecture hours.

Stream two focuses on physical asset management, and
will be managed and conducted by Pragma Brasil. This course also has a
total of 180 lecture hours.

The courses are accredited by the Brazilian Educational Authorities MEC (Ministerio da Educacao e Cultura).

Professor Gerson Arcos, Head of the Pragma Brasil Academy and Professor
Decio Camargo, MBA Co-ordinator at Unicastelo, signed the agreement. 

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