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Pragma customer days around the corner

Our annual regional customer days are running on the 7th, 11th and 13th
of October. Be sure not to miss out on any of the exciting new ACC
service and On Key 5 developments.

Our development teams have been grinding away to ensure that our
service and product offerings are as crisp and fresh as the C-Sharp
platform on which On Key 5 is developed. We have valuable case studies
to share of ordinary companies that have grasped the value of the Asset
Care Centre (ACC) service and business processes and brought about
performance improvements and cost reductions.

There is big anticipation on what all the great new functionalities in
On Key 5 are and there is a buzz amongst our engineers on what this
state of the art version of On Key can do. But do not fret. On Key 4
will still be well supported for years to come (although you will want
to upgrade to OK 5 immediately) and we will illustrate some handsome
functionalities that will make your life more productive and your
reporting more effective.

The manner in which our ACC service supports you will also be discussed,
be it via our ACC@Pragma, ACC@Client or ACC Client Operated models, all
of which have varying levels of interaction with our clients, but more
importantly all of which are based on a standard set of repeatable

Remember that one representative per client site can attend the session
free of charge. Additional members are more than welcome, but will have
to pay a nominal fee to cover basic venue costs. If you have not
received your invitation by now, you can contact Nanette in JHB at 011 848 6940, Monica in CPT at 021 943 3900 or Avashini in Durban at 031 266
8283 to book your spot.

You can also pick up the full program and registration form from this link.
Looking forward to seeing you at these events.
Your Pragma Team.  

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