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Pragma firming up its use of technology | from IIoT sensors to blended learning

Screenshots of the online dashboard showing in-time monitoring of the transformer.
Screenshots of the online dashboard showing in-time monitoring of the transformer.

Pragma’s R&D and Academy teams have been hard at work to deliver digitally transformed asset management and training services. In response to industry requirements, we have made sure that the latest additions to the Pragma range of solutions tap into the endless possibilities that emerging technologies provide.

On Key 5 modifications

Apart from valuable modifications to the On Key 5 and Work Manager products, the development team is making good progress with new technology projects of which the first instances are already operational.

On Key and Work Manager (WM) app users can look forward to the following enhancements:

You can now set document storage alerts in On Key to warn you before your database reaches its storage capacity limit. The default thresholds are 80%, 90% and 95%.  When a threshold is reached, an email notification is sent to system alerts.  Only one email per threshold is sent out.

In addition, new users can now be invited directly from On Key. When onboarding new team members, the system sends out an email containing a link on which the user clicks to access the system and set up their password and launch On Key, Work Manager app or On Key Express. Inviting existing users to new Operational Roles works on the same principle. For those who can’t keep track of their passwords, a reset password function is now available.

On Key Insights

We are vigorously working on our business intelligence toolset, and the first release of the Qlik Sense based Work Management Insights app is now available to be used with On Key 5.  On Key Insights (replacement of Qlikview based On Key Analytics) has a responsive web user interface and is ready for use on mobile devices.

Work Manager app improvements

A mandatory action has been added to the Work Manager app that requires users to scan assets before being able to provide feedback on a task. This addition ensures that a user is physically at the asset when they provide feedback.

After the April release of Work Manager app, a user will be able to assign work orders to other staff members when creating a new work order.  They will also be able to upload a photo and add a voice message when creating the work order. Both On Key and Work Manager App will also be available in Spanish.

IIoT and RAD projects

Our innovation engineers are immersing themselves into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects.

We are integrating IIoT technologies into our offering and packaged an advanced equipment condition and facilities monitoring solution.  The pilot project, which now runs fully operational, was on a client’s transformers. To do this, Pragma joined forces with Martec and combined Pragma’s IIoT platform with Martec’s condition monitoring technologies to remotely monitor the condition of the transformer to avert any risks based on the tracking of anomalies proactively. This case study details the solution and how it already mitigated risk for the client.

In support of our FM service development, another project is underway in our Cape Town office where we monitor several building utilisation parameters through IIoT sensors.  These parameters are integrated into On Key where further triggers can be initiated to, for example, raise work orders.  The data can also be imported into On Key Insights. Read more about this initiative, here.

Utilising rapid application development technologies, we launched our first client specific Contractor Invoicing and Work Feedback App which streamlines processes, saves time and minimises human error.

New courses by the Pragma Academy

The Pragma Academy is proud to announce the launch of the Maintenance Planner Qualification.  It is an 18 month, NQF Level 5 course and carries the QCTO’s stamp of approval. The qualification consists of five courses and has a statement of work that has to be completed in the workplace. It is presented in a blended format, meaning a combination of e-learning, webinars (or online contact sessions), assignments and quizzes are combined with face-to-face classroom sessions and a final assessment. Read more about it here.

The Academy also released some public, online and blended courses. These include:

  • Reliability Engineering. Outcome | to apply engineering principles and techniques throughout the life cycle of an asset to ensure that it can perform required functions under given conditions for a given time interval.
  • Condition Monitoring Essentials. Outcome | Through practical examples, the learners are taken through the important steps to monitor the condition of an asset ensuring that failures can be predicted rather than only respond reactively.
  • Root Cause Analysis. Outcome | Using DMAIC, this practical course takes the learners through an ongoing scenario helping them complete the steps to identify the root cause of a problem.
  • Financial Decision Making. Outcome | Use several financial instruments like life cycle costing, modelling and business case to make financial decisions related to asset management.

View the content of the mentioned courses Academy.

For more information on our latest developments, you can contact Liza on Liza.Schroeder@pragmaworld.net or +27 21 943 3900.

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