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Pragma introduces a refurbishment plant in Brasil



The Pragma operations company in Brasil will extend the life span of client assets with an added new refurbishment service, Pragma Service Excellence, which carries out in practice what Pragma teaches, through a refurbishment plant.

Says Antonio Padua, MD of the Pragma operations company in Brasil: “Pragma Service Excellence in Brazil basically extends the lifetime of any physical asset. The physical asset is firstly evaluated according to its visible parts, the client then approves the rebuilding or refurbishment, and after that we initiate the dismantling of the machine. We then exchange the damaged parts for new and improved ones (technological updates), we simulate the functionality considering its regular working condition, then we document the start-up and review the manuals. We then pack the machine and return it to the client. The refurbished equipment can then be used or sold by the client, and includes a warranty for a period of 12 months.”

One of the biggest advantages of this process is that clients can follow the progress live off-site. Says Padua, “We have cameras placed strategically around the workshop and give clients online access in order to keep them in the loop of developments. To date companies such as Sidel, Eletric 80, and recently the COESIA Group have made use of Service Excellence with great success.”

To the question of whether the refurbished equipment comes with a guarantee, Padua says: “We offer total control to the client on the refurbishment and register all the work carried out on our management system On Key, as workforce and spare parts. This makes it easy to track the system and consequently, possible to offer a warranty for the services executed by Service Excellence. Should the client decide to sell the refurbished equipment, it’s up to them to decide whether they would like to offer the guarantee to the buyer or not.

With regards to the cost of the refurbishment, the client verifies the book value of their equipment (fiscal value against utilisation period), then we add to it the pre-evaluation of Service Excellence (parts and workforce) and we have the final value which facilitates the decision making process for the refurbishment or not of their physical asset. The duration of the refurbishment depends on the state the equipment is in, but we always agree with the client on a time frame.

With regards to the staff component, Service Excellence selects a new team for each required service. “We also allocate a team leader to generate and distribute the necessary instructions and information. Generally, three employees are designated per project. We have 21 staff members who are responsible for the mechanical and electronic work.”

Service Excellence already has demand to expand this type of service around South America. “We’ve had fantastic acceptance in the marketplace which proves there was a need for such partnerships. It shows much promise, as well as growth for the company in South America,” concludes Padua.

For more information visit pragmabrasil.com.br

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