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Pragma launches improved asset care pack

Leading physical asset management company, Pragma, has recently launched its improved Asset Care (AC) Pack. The concept of ‘product packs’ is a highlight of the release. The aim with these product packs is a faster development response time in support of consultants requiring material for specific improvement initiatives at their clients.

“The scope, development and testing of a traditional business process and all its supporting templates take between eight and twelve months”, says Wyhan Jooste, Product Development manager at Pragma. The focus with product packs is to rapidly develop consulting aids for consultants who have sufficient asset management experience, but require training slides, process flows and concept Excel tools, to facilitate work sessions at a client.  Products packs therefore save consultants the time to develop content themselves.  Compared to business processes, we could develop two to three product packs in six months.  We foresee that product packs will be further developed into full business processes if there is industry demand for it.

Jooste says with every AC Pack release, there are a variety of improvements made.  “The most notable improvement is the amended Asset Management Improvement Planning (AMIP) framework, which is now aligned with ISO 55000 and the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management’s (GFMAM) 39 Subjects. Other improvements are the contractor and life cycle costing product packs, eight new specialised training courses as well as an improved service level agreement.” 

The AC Pack with all Pragma’s methodologies, processes and training is updated on a six-monthly cycle with updated releases on 1 March and 1 September annually.  “It’s important that we continually add and improve the AC Pack to ensure that our methodologies are current and that our clients have access to the latest developments in the asset management industry, Jooste concludes.

In support of the releases, there is an internal continuous improvement process whereby consultants can log modification requests for the AC Pack based on what they encounter in the market.  Through this process Pragma ensures that their products are improved to support their consultants and benefit their clients.

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