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Pragma products CRM initiative

Client satisfaction is one of the most important success indicators for any service company’s service offering.

Our Client Relations Management initiative has delivered a healthy
return on investment over the past year, with client satisfaction
steadily improving each month.

In October 2008, we launched a dedicated client satisfaction campaign to
measure the satisfaction levels of our clients. Annual visits are aimed

  • Continually improving our service offering. When you deliver an EAMS
    tool to a client, the success of that tool in the operation of the
    client is navigated by the correct and optimised usage of that system.
    It is therefore essential that a consultant ensures that the client
    understands and utilises all the specs and latest functionality within
    On Key. This is done by means of training interventions.
  • Affirming relations with clients. With regular people movements and
    ever-changing business needs, strong and friendly relations are key to
    ensuring that clients can comfortably request training or other

Our approach is a win-win situation for both parties, and creates a
supreme flagging mechanism for introducing suitable clients to the
cutting-edge Asset Care Centre concepts.

The improvements speak for themselves:

CRM- Customers CRM survey done  (count)

Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July
Actual 10 9 13 9 14 13 15 10 14 21
Target 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

CRM – Customer satisfaction rating (%)

Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July
Actual 61% 66% 69% 68% 74% 87% 80% 84% 73% 70%
Target 66% 66% 66% 66% 66% 66% 66% 66% 66% 66%

CRM – Client satisfaction based on post implementations audit (%)

Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July
Actual 0% 0% 0% 0% 56% 87% 71% 91% 88% 91%
Target 0% 0% 0% 66% 66% 66% 66% 66% 66% 66%

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