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Pragma and Semiotic Labs work together to advance smart maintenance

On December 15th, the companies signed an agreement for the development of services that prevent unplanned downtime of industrial equipment.

Semiotic Labs provides a solution that predicts when and why electric motors and rotating equipment fail. Pragma integrates this solution with its On Key EAM and Asset Management services offering. In this way, clients are warned of imminent failures and can immediately plan and implement mitigation measures.

The rise of the Industrial Internet of Things, in combination with increasingly powerful artificial intelligence, ensures that smart condition monitoring solutions are rolled out on an increasingly large scale. Pragma’s Kees Westerhuis: “Our clients are dealing with the 24-hour economy, which leaves less time for maintenance. Also, we see that the number of skilled maintenance engineers drops. Process optimisation has raised both the value of an hours work and the costs of an hour of downtime. In short: Fewer people need to perform maintenance in less time, while the cost of unplanned downtime increases. New technology helps to break this negative trend”.

Gerben Gooijers, CEO of Semiotic Labs: “Pragma is one of the leading parties in the world of Asset Management. By integrating our Smart Condition Monitoring solution into daily operations, Pragma helps its clients to make full use of new technology. We provide early warning for future failure and, Pragma ensures that effective maintenance is performed based on that information. In this way, our joint efforts prevent unplanned downtime. ”

Pragma has offices in Africa and, Europe and are represented in, Brazil and Mexico. For Semiotic Labs, the cooperation offers a gateway into these international markets. Gerben Gooijers: “Our technology uses the cloud. We can serve the whole world from our office in Leiden. At the same time, our clients want a local contact point. Pragma, as an international organisation, is the trusted advisor for enterprises at local level. ”


About Pragma

Pragma is an engineering company that delivers smart asset management solutions to asset-intensive industries since 1990.  Pragma’s purpose is partnering with clients to optimise enterprise asset management by balancing performance, cost and risk.  Pragma provides peace of mind for asset owners through integrated application of asset care services, people and technology.

About Semiotic Labs

Semiotic Labs predicts when and why electric motors and rotating equipment fail. The company has its office in Leiden and supplies Smart Condition Monitoring solutions for maintenance professionals. Since its inception in 2015, Semiotic Labs has developed services for a diverse set of industries such as rail, energy and shipping.



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