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Pragma Staff Profile Casey Wolters

Casey Wolters has been involved with HSSE for many years and now drives specific HSSE training for contractors at Pragma. Casey (57) was born in the Netherlands in October 1955 during the ‘baby booming’ era. He has lived in Durbanville for the past 25 years and still enjoys every minute of it.

Casey matriculated from Paarl Boys High in 1973 and studied B Sc Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town. He reckons he has been privileged to be with Pragma for the past 15 years and very much enjoyed working in this dynamic, entrepreneurial company. Prior to joining Pragma, he worked as project engineer and later also as engineering manager at the Everite Brackenfell fiber cement factory. His career started at Iscor Vanderbijlpark in Jan 1981, as an engineer in training, in various maintenance departments on the iron and steel plants, culminating 8 years later in the hot mills division as a planning and development engineer for the maintenance division

He believes there must be a balance in work, personal and social life and reckons his career highlight has been as the first formal HSSE appointee in the Pragma organisation. He says: “I believe that my efforts in this position have played a key role in establishing and growing the strong HSSE culture that currently exists in the Pragma organisation.” On a personal level he is still happily married, after 28 years, to his wonderful wife. “Together we are blessed with two wonderful children who have direction and are well on their way to their own personal, happy lives. To have recently become grandparents is fantastic.” On a social level, he has achieved a 2-hour 47minute time in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour at the age of 39! He laughingly adds: “It still stands as the fastest Pragma employee time – even though it was achieved before I joined Pragma.”

Casey finds administration to be the biggest challenge in his life. “Admin and Admin! Being a bit of a perfectionist, and therefore easily getting absorbed in the detail of things that I enjoy doing, I often lose sight of the urgency and need to focus and get things done on time or within time. So yes, procrastination is probably one of my most challenging vices, but I have, over time, learnt to get on with it. Challenges, also in my life are to handle conflict. I try to avoid it as much as possible as I know it’s not my strong point. Positive challenges going forward will include being a successful pensioner, to remain healthy, and still to be able to contribute positively to the industry by giving back what we have learnt through experience.”

He continues that in his free time, he tries to do too many things. “Having said that, my hobbies have always had a central theme that contains either things mechanical, sailing or cycling. By my own admission I can label myself as a consummate ‘petrol-head’. I’ve been a motorcyclist and motorcar fan, collector and tinkerer, some times even an amateur bike racer. I like the technical aspect of things mechanical, and have spent many hours in my garage, building up bike and car engines, restoring them to their original glory. Hence my own motto: ‘Casey – Fixit’! From our early youth days, I have been a yachtsman, having been taught the skill by my late father. We have built numerous dinghies and this absorbing sport and family endeavour has also spilt over into our children, and hopefully also our grandchildren. Recreational and sport cycling also came onto the map during the past 20 years, and still has its place in my social itinerary, even though it’s a bit on the back seat right now. I enjoy what I do. I’m happy to say that in my work environment I have the opportunity to work to my strengths, and I look forward to quite a few more successful years of service within Pragma, in the latter part of my working career.”

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