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Pragma starts TPM programme implementation at Noble Bioenergia factory

In April this year Pragma initiated the implementation of a Total Performance Management (TPM) project at sugar and alcohol factory Noble Bioenergia, a multinational leader in energy, metals, minerals and agriculture. This partnership will last for 18 months in Noble’s group production unit at Catanduva, São Paulo.

Luiz Antonio Magazoni, Noble’s Industry Director says, “The main objective of this partnership is to obtain the full commitment of our employees to achieve our goals. This is the oldest unit in our company with the majority of assets, and this project relies on Pragma’s expertise and our leaders to really get everyone’s involvement in the quest for better results.”

The TPM project is a management model that aims to achieve operational excellence, reduce risks, increase productivity, improve the quality of products and services as well as ensure the continuous improvement of the company’s processes and competitiveness through activities based on multifunctional teamwork. It further aims for a cultural change in every single employee, bringing about conciliation and pride in being associated with the company.

According to Paulo Kronka, Noble’s Operational Chief: “To achieve industrial excellence focusing on maintenance and operations, we contracted Pragma with its vast experience in performance management to add its knowledge to that of Noble. Together we hope to take first place when it comes to competitiveness.”

Pragma has already implemented aspects of this project and extended it to the bioenergy market. Its aim is to increase the efficacy of the company’s processes focusing on productivity, which is linked to lowering costs and increasing availability.

Paulo César, Maintenance Corporative Manager, highlights the importance of this project: “The TPM programme is a tool of extreme importance to Catanduva’s unit. Through the involvement of all employees, the achievement of asset management excellence, an increase in the availability of equipment as well as maintenance costs reduction, we plan to become the most efficient and competitive unit.”

Every collaborator has been trained in TPM’s methodology, which is a different and innovative way to align all management tools with each client’s needs. When talking about losses, TPM focuses on three zeros namely zero losses in process, zero quality defects and zero accidents.

Bruno Ferreira, Pragma’s consultant responsible for this implementation, expresses his aspirations for this partnership. “The bioenergy sector shows that the market is becoming more competitive, and whoever adopts TPM is a pioneer in this contest. With almost ten years’ experience in this field, I can assure Noble that with discipline and behaviour change, the entire culture of a company can be streamlined and updated.”

Jaime Batholomeu, Technical Manager responsible for this project, concludes: “The application of TPM will promote the significant professional development of each employee, proactive actions and the achievement of challenging objectives.”

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