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Pragma’s Asset Management Improvement Planning framework now being used by mines across the globe

Pragma’s Asset Management Improvement Planning (AMIP) framework, was recently adopted by a multi-national mining house as their Asset Management framework across all their sites, globally.  Although used by several clients abroad, it is the first time that AMIP is broadly adopted across the full global span of a multi-national.

A large part of Pragma’s extensive enterprise asset management knowledge and expertise are encapsulated in their Asset Management Improvement Planning (AMIP) framework.  In the Southern African context, this framework has high regard amongst asset owners from all industries. The quality of this framework and the need for a structured approach to asset management was once again affirmed by this client’s decision to roll it out globally.

It was the privilege of Pragma consultants Darryl Aberdein and Tim Beavon to facilitate a three-day workshop to introduce reliability engineers, engineering managers and maintenance engineers to the new framework and to develop a high-level strategic plan for rollout and adoption across their global sites.

This implementation project will run over a period of six months, and it is expected that the client will start reaping the benefits of following the framework within the first twelve months.  During the implementation Pragma consultants will undertake baseline assessments at all sites against the AMIP framework.

Darryl Aberdein, Mining Consultant and project lead said challenges that will be addressed first and foremost are standardisation of everyone’s understanding of good practice across all the sites. This, in turn, allows a structured, consistent and measurable approach to improvements in asset management practices.  In the mining industry, effective life cycle management over the longer term will always be a challenge due to the cyclical nature of the commodities markets; this represents a significant opportunity for optimisation of CAPEX expenditure on assets.

Tim Beavon, Academy Manager, indicated the client favoured AMIP for the following reasons:

  • Simplicity – its 17 Key Performance Areas (KPA’s) provides focus
  • Well packaged – AMIP comes with an assessment tool and several other add-ons that provides the client with a framework against which to measure, comprehensive feedback and gap analysis, and a way forward, meaning roll-out and implementation is much faster than custom synthesising a specific framework for their needs
  • Global standards – AMIP’s alignment with the ISO 55000 standard for Asset Management, and the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management’s (GFMAM) six subject groups, makes it the ideal tool to ensure compliance to mitigate asset related safety risks, improve asset performance in a very competitive environment and reduce unwanted costs caused by poor planning and lack of life cycle management
  • Training competence matrix – Pragma offers a competence training matrix with appropriate asset management training programmes to enable employees on all levels to plan and execute work in support of the strategy derived from the framework
  • Consulting – the back-up of Pragma’s consultants to facilitate the roll-out process across their business and provide skills transfer to their Asset Management Principles.

Pragma is proud to partner with responsible asset owners who make it their business to invest in their employees by providing them with the time and resources to build a sustainable career in asset management. That is the case with this client. They are committed to going beyond what is expected of them and therefore we will do the same for them, says Beavon.

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