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Pragmas Johannes Coetzee elected as SAAMA President

It is with great pride that we announce Johannes Coetzee’s election as the latest President of the Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA).

“SAAMA is a portal to a wealth of information, experienced gurus and like-minded individuals. It is a tremendous privilege to be part of this team and the opportunity it affords me to play an active role in the development of Asset Management in Southern Africa,” says Johannes.

When asked about the relevance of physical asset management within the South African context, Johannes explains, “Infrastructure development and preservation is one of the biggest challenges that our country faces. Asset Management plays a pivotal role in developing solutions for this challenge. As such, SAAMA is perfectly positioned and capable of providing guidance and to bring the Public Sector and Industry together.”

With the support of fellow SAAMA council members, Johannes aims to drive the transformation of SAAMA into a fully professional body during his two-year tenure as President. This includes formally registering SAAMA with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a professional body, formalising SAAMA’s role in the ISO 55000 certification process in collaboration with the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) and commencing with the process of registering an Asset Management assessment framework with the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO). This will allow SAAMA to assess and recognise skilled Asset Managers that are active in the field with a formal, registered designation.

“SAAMA has a very strong and skilled council consisting of experienced individuals from all areas of the Asset Management landscape. As president, my role is merely to coordinate these skills towards the goals we have set ourselves as SAAMA council,” explains Johannes.

Johannes will be supported in his duties as President by a council consisting of role players that are well-known within the in the field of Asset Management, namely SAAMA Vice President Craig Henry (SABS), Anton Booyzen (Royal Haskoning DHV), Ashna Prithiraj (National Treasury), Ernst Swanepoel (Prasa), Francois Joubert (Aurecon), Francois Mellet (ARINT), Joe Paradza (PWC), Krige Visser (University of Pretoria), Rob Childs (i@Consulting) and Pierre Swart (Sasol).

Founded in 1997, SAAMA is a registered as a non-profit organisation focused on highlighting the role of physical asset management as a key contributor to long-term business success. SAAMA does this by building synergistic rapport between companies and industries, encouraging the interchange of information, ideas and knowledge, contributing to the development of standards and practices, establishing, maintaining and improving common standards, stimulating and promoting education, training and original research and by its liaisons with similar associations local and internationally.

We would like to congratulate Johannes Coetzee with this achievement and trust that he will perform his duties with grace and use his strengths to make the most of this opportunity to further the physical asset management agenda.

For more information about SAAMA and their activities within the Physical Asset Management sphere visit, www.saama.org.za.

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