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Asset specific solutions

By continuously monitoring your critical equipment, you have factual and real-time information about the health and readiness of these assets and are able to make quick decisions and act to ensure their availability when needed.

Generator Asset Health Management

MV Switchgear Asset Health Management

Transformer Asset Heatlh Management

Main challenges addressed

Unreliable assets
Critical assets not being available when needed impacts your income, operational safety and reputation

Unpredictable costs
Reactive maintenance is expensive and difficult to plan for

Poor work practises
Incorrect maintenance tactics increases statutory risk, and reduces asset life span

Measurable benefits

Improved availability
Assets are monitored in real time, pro-actively maintained and always available

Transparent information
Asset performance and costs are benchmarked, planned and controlled

Business sustainability
Operational disruptions are reduced, incident response improved, and risk* is reduced

Enabling Asset Health Management

We deliver asset type specific health management services for your business-critical assets.

A dedicated team of specialised engineers are ready to support you around the clock, helping you to optimise asset performance through the implementation of the necessary predictive asset management business processes and technologies.

At Pragma, it is more than just monitoring

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Key features of Pragma's AHM service

  • Focused on business critical assets
  • Risk analyses using FMEA techniques
  • Effective Asset Care Plans to describe optimal maintenance practices
  • Edge-to-Cloud technologies applied to give assets a voice
    • sensor selection
    • edge processing
    • secure transfer of data to a cloud platform
    • real-time visualisation
  • Access to visualisations and “Digital Twin” performance information
  • Expert analysis of asset performance data and information
  • Early warning of eminent functional failures
  • Effective mobile work management and control
    • Condition Monitoring specialists and field service staff
    • Maintenance staff
    • Maintenance contractors
  • Incident investigation and improvement recommendations
  • Optimisation of asset care plans and predictive maintenance strategies
  • Management of contractor performance to optimise cost and risk

Projects and success stories

Rectifying production losses caused by a furnace line boosting transformer and dry type reactors

This real-time condition monitoring project brought health measures of critical assets within the client’s plant into a single interactive real-time operational dashboard and workflow environment.

Asset performance managment to mitigate loss of product on Shell's retail sites

This work in progress project is geared to use IIoT sensor technologies to monitor asset performance and identify the potential of loss of product in underground storage tanks, fuel lines and dispensers on the forecourt and during refuelling.

Improved facilities management with the use of IIoT sensor technologies

Pragma transformed the management of their Cape Town office using IIoT sensor technologies to monitor, analyse, predict and prevent failures and take timeous corrective action.


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