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Smart Diesel Generator Online Monitoring and Reliability Services

Clients and industries that are benefiting from our generator monitoring and reliability service

A next-level online monitoring solution

Access your generators’ digital twins and monitor your entire fleet’s health from any device.

Our online monitoring solution, developed by asset management specialists, provides access to expertise without requiring additional personnel upskilling or hiring.

Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Timely alarm notifications with escalation protocols
  • Fuel usage monitoring
  • Accurate data collection
  • Never missing a service
  • Central access to all generator information
  • Realtime analytics and trend views of monitoring points

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Ensure business continuity and optimise your backup power investments

Along with online monitoring, our solution provides peace of mind by offering care for your generator fleet through vetted contractors, a dedicated call centre and tested business processes and systems.

Tap into a refuelling and maintenance contractor base countrywide

Our generator monitoring service offers more than just online monitoring. We provide medium-to-large enterprises with a complete ecosystem to manage their generator fleet, ensuring proper care for these essential assets. Enjoy:

  • Improved cost transparency and predictability
  • Fully automated proactive and reactive maintenance work orders
  • Timeous refuelling and maintenance
  • Independent contractors who adhere to service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Benchmarked contractor rates to ensure fair pricing
  • Prevent major generator failures

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Boosting your backup power investment's ROI

Gain access to our specialist reliability engineers’ expertise. Gain advanced analytics and reporting that gives you a competitive edge in managing your generators’ full lifespans.

  • Make informed decisions
  • Extend generator lifespans
  • Benchmark your generators’ performance, cost and risk
  • Know your generators’ carbon footprint
  • Identify common trends and areas for improvement beyond generator alarms
  • Utilise data to initiate focused improvement projects
  • Achieve significant cost savings

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Our two packages for Generator Asset Health Management

The Monitoring Service is the baseline, while the Reliability Service can be added for enhanced generator reliability and performance.

Monitoring Service

Mobile Application

  • Single view of all generator’s health
  • Desktop and mobile
  • Real-time generator monitoring
    Push notifications
  • Full history of all generator parameters and selected alarms
  • GPS tracking (mobile generators)


  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Data Trending
  • Summary of events
  • Monthly reporting
  • Fuel usage

Maintenance System

  • Automated notifications for refuelling
  • Custom alarm triggers
  • Access to maintenance best practices

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Reliability Service

24/7 Monitoring and Reporting

  • Monitor and action alarms
  • Actively monitor fuel levels and provide proactive notifications
  • Liaison with site contractors and client personnel
  • Technical support team

Preventative Maintenance

  • Monitor running hours
  • Service scheduling
  • Load testing scheduling

Reliability Engineering and Analytics

  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Trending
  • Early failure detection

Frequently asked questions

The potential savings for clients are contingent upon the package they select. By and large, clients who subscribe to our monitoring services, which incorporate the following, can expect extended generator lifespans, identification of opportunities for fuel savings based on their industry and energy requirements, lower maintenance expenses, decreased costs for call-outs and after-hours work, diminished dependence on maintenance management resources, and elimination of load testing expenses. Additionally, clients can avoid the opportunity cost of a generator failing to start.

Clients who opt-in on our management services benefit from our load management expertise that helps clients protect their generators from over or under-utilisation, while our refuelling planning and governance help clients avoid refuelling from taking place too early, have access to benchmarked contractors at fair rates and have a prioritised diesel supply agreement in place. 

In the long run, our clients can anticipate a reduced need for staffing, a prolonged lifespan of their generator fleet, and the prevention of one significant generator failure per generator every five years. Additionally, the accumulation of data over time results in improved maintenance and scheduling for clients and ensures that major generator services remain up-to-date.

Online monitoring is a more reliable, 24/7 service solution that offers realtime access to relevant data. Organisations that cannot afford downtime, such as hospitals and dairies, save on the costs of hiring people for the sole purpose of watching over their generators at night. Furthermore, the data collected is accurate and more detailed and allows for data trending, which empowers you to make informed decisions about your generators. 

Our hardware is compatible with most controllers.

Yes, the service is also offered on switchgear and transformers. We’re currently working on a solution for fridges and HVAC. Contact us if you would like to become part of our pilot project. 

We can assist clients in getting prioritised diesel supply agreements with our fuel production partners.  

Yes, we have a vetted database of contractors with predefined rates to ensure our clients can access refuelling and maintenance specialists at fair prices. 

We can install the hardware on your behalf, or if you have skilled resources on-site, your team can install the hardware. 

We can facilitate notifications via SMS, email or Telegram. We do not send notifications via WhatsApp because WhatsApp has a group size limit. 

We do not limit the number of people who can receive notifications. 

Yes, clients receive a notification when a sudden drop in fuel level occurs, which could indicate theft.

Yes, clients receive a notification when a battery is disconnected. 

Yes, contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

Projects and success stories

Upgrading a back up generator using IIoT technologies

Read more about how our Asset Health Management team brought an older generator into the digital age with IIoT.

Shell Ultra City generators replaced at end of life

As backup generators become more and more critical to conducting business in South Africa, getting the most of these assets is critical. This case study shows how our team went about replacing four generators at Shell Ultra Cities in South Africa and the value delivered during the process.

Aiding a municipality in monitoring and managing more than 200 generators

In this case study, we illustrate how our Asset Health Management for Generators solution assists a South African municipality in taking control and proactively managing more than 200 generators ranging from 30kVa to 2000kVA.


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