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Profile Kolosa Madikizela

Kolosa is the newly appointed Cape Regional Manager of Pragma. “I’m responsible for all the clients in the Cape region, ensuring that we deliver according to our SLA with all our clients and that we meet our targets. I’d like to ensure that we perform according to our targets and use my past experiences to add value to our team and to strengthen the relationship with our existing clients, as well as assisting our sales and marketing team in growing our order book. I would also like to ensure that as a team we are utilising our strengths to our best ability to achieve our set targets.”

Kolosa is enthusiastic about her appointment at Pragma. “I’m excited about being a part of Pragma, and looking forward to the positive contribution I hope to bring and the experiences I will gain.” Prior to joining the physical asset management giant, she worked for the Aveng Group at Aveng Water, where she was General Manager – Engineering, Projects & Proposals for just over a year.

Kolosa is a published writer with a monthly journal article on the African Facilities Management on line Website (AFM online), the only African website dedicated to the Facilities Management sector. “I have my own corner on the website where I share my views on Facilities Management every first Tuesday of the month. A journal paper based on my Master’s research was recently published in the Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building 2010. The Australasian Journal of Construction Economics & Building is recognised internationally as a leading source on the business of building. The Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building is a joint initiative of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS).”

Kolosa holds a Master of Technology Degree in Construction Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
As an activist for women’s’ rights, Kolosa’s research topic for her Master of Technology Degree in Construction Management, was centered on the career progression of females in the property and construction industry. Says Kolosa: “My research focus was on the enrolment and career choices of female students at South African institutes of higher learning in traditionally male dominant careers; such as Construction Management, Quantity Surveying and Civil Engineering, with my title being: An analysis of the factors influencing the choices of careers in construction by South African women.”

Kolosa also participated in the Group 5 and University of Johannesburg women in engineering group, which has the mandate to support young women in this sector. Kolosa continues: “I believe in giving back to the community and that my contribution as a part time lecturer at the University of Johannesburg at the Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment, where I lectured Facilities & Maintenance Management to 4th Year Construction Management students, was a great gesture in giving back to the community through education.”

According to Kolosa, her greatest achievement has been a personal journey of getting to a point “where I’m completely content with who I am and all I’ve achieved, and totally loving being me. I am also very proud of having successfully started a Facilities Management Company, Nexus Facilities Management Company, building it from scratch to a small to medium size entity and concluding a 5 year fully integrated Facilities Management contract with Neotel”.

Kolosa balances work and her private life by going to gym, hiking, teaching and reading. “I also enjoy quality time at home – ‘me’ time. My hobbies include cooking, space planning, interior decorating and writing. This year, I’d like to be consistent with gym and continue living a healthy lifestyle as well as doing more hiking. Most importantly, I’d like to make the best of my relocation to Cape Town, both on the work front as well as my personal life.”
She concludes: “I love uplifting others around me and knowing that someone has had a very positive encounter with me, in whatever form. I like to live some goodness wherever I go.”

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