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Projects and new ACCs

On Key Express reduces labour efforts at Shell depots

Pragma received a renewal contract from Shell Marketing SA (acting for
SOPAF Supply and Distribution) for the Asset Care Centre service that
has been delivered to Shell Depots since 2007.

The SOPAF business is in the process of being acquired by a new owner,
being a consortium of Shell, Vitol and Helios. “An important focus in
this project is to ensure the ongoing asset reliability and containment
of risk for the new owners”, says Karl Nepgen, Solutions Engineer for
Pragma Africa. “The service is rendered to 45 depots ranging from lube
oil blending plants to aviation depots in 14 countries from Namibia to
Egypt. The ACC is managed from our Cape Town office”, he concludes.

The project will also be taken to a high level with the introduction and
roll-out of On Key Express to the Depot Engineering staff at all the
depots. This will significantly reduce labour efforts in the ACC office,
as well as reduce manual data transmission between depots and the ACC.

Depot engineering staff have already been trained by the ACC enigerr on
Key Express in Kenya, Dakar (Senegal) and Casablanca (Morocco).

The project kicked off on the 1st of July and will conclude in June 2013. 

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