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Randgold Tongon following best practices from the start

Pragma Africa is venturing into foreign African territory to assist
Randgold Tongon to set up some of their asset management practices.

Randgold Tongon is a newly developed gold mine in the Ivory Coast. It is
rapidly setting up its operation and already managed to pour its first
gold on the 8th of November 2010.

Pragma Africa was contracted to implement On Key Maintenance Manager for
1200 maintenance-significant items. The contract is based on the new
business process approach which includes a Standards Manual.

The efficiency and commitment of Senior Maintenance Planner, Josh
Nelson, Material Controller, Yoe Songuida, Plant Engineer, Awie Frey and
their mostly foreign colleagues are commendable. They worked tirelessly
to prepare the asset register and to add the preventive maintenance
tasks to ensure a timely project kickoff in October this year.

“It was a privilege to see this part of the world and to understand
these tough working conditions. It reminded me once again how blessed we
are in sunny South Africa,” says Helgard Pienaar, Client Relationship
Manager of Pragma Africa.

“Traveling to the Tongon Mine is a four-hour flight from Johannesburg to
Nairobi, a six-hour flight from Nairobi to Abidjan and a one-hour
flight from Abidjan to the mine’s vicinity. You can thus imagine a few
interesting central African situations,” comments Pienaar.

Pragma Africa has already established an ACC at the Morilla Mine and
further expansion to other project sites is in the pipeline. 

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