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On Key overview

Better and smarter enterprise asset management with one of the world’s leading EAM systems

On Key EAM is trusted by companies such as Shell and Tetra Pak to help them achieve their maintenance and reliability goals. It can help you accelerate the performance of your team and assets exponentially. To schedule a demo and see what On Key EAM can do for you, visit their website: www.onkey.com.

Every organisation needs an asset system of record to optimise the return on their investments across the assets’ life cycles. The Pragma group owns the On Key Enterprise Asset Management System, which is the result of decades of industry experience, research, and a focused dedication to delivering asset management value to enterprises of all sizes across different industries. On Key’s diverse team of engineers, analysts and software developers use software engineering values like clean code, simplicity and fast feedback, along with engineering practices like collective code ownership, test-driven development, and continuous integration, to build software that delights clients and allows for rapid change.

On Key EAM uses a set of technologies like .NET, Xamarin, C#, SQL Server Integration and Reporting Services, and QlikView to deliver a scalable platform that can be accessed via web services, native mobile apps, and a web front-end. It also offers seamless integration and powerful business intelligence via the Qlik data analytics platform. On Key EAM can be deployed on a secure hosting environment, where system administration is taken care of, or on-site in a stand-alone configuration. Your data, your choice.

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