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Saldanha Bay Municipality appoints Pragma Africa as its physical asset management partner

After putting out a tender in April this year for an asset management
system, training on the system and an access control system, Saldanha
Bay Municipality announced that the contract has been awarded to Pragma

To date, Saldanha Bay Municipality (which includes Vredenburg,
Paternoster, Langebaan, St Helena Bay, Jacobs Bay, Hopefield and
Saldanha) did not have a formal system to manage the electrical network.
One of Pragma’s clients, Johan Viljoen, implemented the On Key software
system successfully at the Breedevalley Municipality and was keen to
implement the system at Saldanha after he moved there in late 2010.

Pragma Africa will be offering the municipality On Key (an asset
management software system), optimised to complement the municipality’s
unique requirements. It will function within a call centre environment where the
public and staff can log calls or post enquiries on specific assets.
These calls will then be coupled to these specific assets, for example
if a member of the public reports on a problem in a park, the stand
number and asset will be coupled to the call and will be escalated for
maintenance and tracked until the problem has been resolved. Although On
Key is a very modern application, it can couple with municipal-specific
software like SAMRAS which is still a DOS-based system.

Furthermore, the access control system will keep
track of the time employees arrive at and leave work sites. It will also
monitor the movement of contractors and time spent out of the office to
complete tasks. The total value of the integrated solution is R2
million. Implementation started in June and will run for three months.
Training of staff will commence once the implementation nears

The citizens of the Saldanha municipal area can now look forward to
improved service delivery and increased reliability on the electrical
system and services offered. It is expected that
the system will be expanded to other functions within the municipality,
such as water and civil works, once it has proven successful within the
electricity department.

For more information contact Pragma at +27 21 943 3900.

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