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SAMCO grows with Pragma’s support

The South African Maintenance Company (SAMCO), a young and energetic company which provides general maintenance service to the petroleum industry via Pragma South Africa, has grown from only two to a workforce of ten employees servicing three regions across South Africa, including Gauteng, the Western and Eastern Cape.

According to Edna Jackson, Business Area Manager, Pragma is excited to be part of SAMCO’s growth. “The spirit of enterprise development is embodied in the growing of small and medium sized businesses through the provision of finance and support. This support can help these businesses overcome obstacles and increase their competitiveness in the market, with the end result being job creation and poverty alleviation. Pragma took an all-inclusive approach that was deliberately aimed at ensuring growth whilst also providing skills transfer, helping to achieve sustainability, skills development, employment and job creation. We thoroughly enjoyed working with SAMCO in realising their potential.”

Says Craig Petersen of SAMCO: “We registered our company in January last year and started with Pragma three months later. In the period leading up to the starting date, we received extensive coaching on the client’s requirements as well as the importance of having the correct business processes in place. This enabled us to meet the high service levels set by Pragma.”

Petersen adds that as a company, SAMCO also sets itself high standards on health and safety. “We value the people we work with. Our employees have all undergone the necessary medical tests, induction, first aid, fire training and are enjoying the ongoing skills and Permit to Work training provided by Pragma.”

According to Petersen, the assistance received from Pragma is unmeasurable. “We now have a B-BEEE rating of Level 1. We’re very humbled and appreciative of the assistance we received from Pragma and will strive to provide the best service possible to show our gratitude to the Shell Facilities Management Contract (FMC).”

Jackson concludes: “We’re delighted with SAMCO’s success and will continue to assist them and other similar companies in their future growth. We’re committed to the true intent of B-BBEE, which is to realise the country’s full economic potential.”

It is SED initiatives such as these that has allowed Pragma to achieve a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating and qualified as an Empowering Supplier.

According to the DTI an Empowering Supplier within the context of B-BBEE, is a B-BBEE compliant entity, which is a good citizen South African entity, complying with all regulatory requirements of the country. Ie the Health and Safety Act, Tax laws and Employment Equity, etc. Your B-BBEE certificate cannot be used towards your clients’ procurement score if you are not an empowering supplier.

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