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Second successful implementation of Pragmas On Key in China

If PF curves, MTTR, MTTB, ARA and WPC are all Chinese to you, then maybe you need Pragma’s On Key EAM with a Chinese UI.

As part of Pragma’s international strategy, On Key 5 has been developed with a full Chinese user interface (UI) and was recently successfully deployed at a second client in mainland China.

The first implementation of On Key in China was done in collaboration with an international client as part of a bigger ISO55000 implementation at a major dairy production plant. On Key forms the backbone of that management system, which enables optimal asset management.

The second implementation was done at a FMCG manufacturer together with our partner MESC, a Shanghai based consulting firm with specialist skills in TPM and Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance.
The objective of the implementation is to create a reference case to prove the applicability of On Key in support of TPM and its relevance to the Chinese environment. Henk Wynjeterp, Operations Manager: Asset Care Partners says, “The level of English proficiency in Chinese factories amongst the typical maintenance crew is extremely low. This means that any system must have a Chinese UI in order to be accepted firstly and successful secondly.”

In both implementations we deployed the standard asset register (ARA) and work planning and control (WPC) functionality as well as On Key Express and Analytics. As part of the implementation we used the best practices from the business processes and translated all client-facing documents such as the standards manuals and training material. This ensures that we keep to the standard Pragma Way of implementation.

The clients did not have any Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system in place or previous experience of EAM systems but in both cases they have very quickly adapted to the On Key functionality with not only the engineering team but also the operations team capturing work in On Key. According to Wynjeterp, this is evidence of the quality of the translated UI making the experience practical and easy for the user. There are still some challenges with the Analytics translation functionality and these will receive attention.

Another big positive for the deployment is that both instances are running from Pragma’s hosted environment in South Africa. The clients and implementation partners were very sceptical initially but are now quite comfortable with the system speed. There were however a number of challenges with connectivity inside factories which needed to be solved first. Now that they are solved, there is no involvement required from the local IT teams to ensure server and database uptime.

Wynjeterp concludes, “It is still early days for this implementation and our focus for the next couple of weeks will be on monitoring progress and ensuring that the clients receive the necessary support to ensure benefit from On Key. On Key 5 is now providing us with a solid tool to enter that market.”

On Key 5 is shipped with a standard Chinese and Brasil Portuguese UI for On Key. On Key Express and Analytics both use the standard phrase translation functionality available in On Key with specific parameters. The UI translations are maintained and updated with every release by an external service provider.

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