Distributed Facilities

As a retailer, your strength lies in providing a consistent experience which contributes to an established brand and, ultimately, customer loyalty. This isn’t always easy, given that your many assets may be dispersed over a large area. At the same time, retailers bear heavy expectations in terms of legal, environmental and HSE compliance.

Pragma’s proprietary On Key EAM system is a proven solution to the manifold challenges inherent in this operating environment. It helps us build a complete asset register, so that we are able to monitor and maintain your entire asset base. Added to this, our highly skilled team of asset management engineers has amassed significant experience in maintaining a distributed asset base, positioning us as an ideal partner to drive down costs and create safer working conditions.

Projects and success stories
  • Reference story | Airports | Accurate asset register

    Our client gained control of their assets and now know what assets they have, their location, condition and value.


  • Reference story | Fast foods | Increase statutory SLA’s

    Since the implementation of the initiative, the statutory SLA for work orders completed increased from an average of 66% per month to an average of 94% per month. This is an increase of 28%.


  • Reference story | Supermarket / Retail Sector Contractor Management

    Our client is one of the largest supermarket retailers in Africa, operating from more than 2,500 outlets under 15 brands.


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