Oil and Gas

How would your business, as a fuels retailer, benefit from less downtime for fuel pumps, HVAC systems and refrigeration equipment? What would it mean to you if you were able to slash your maintenance downtime and cut contractor HSSE exposure hours? If you could reduce energy consumption? Or have a firm understanding of your assets total cost of ownership?

These are the natural outcomes of Pragma’s approach to asset management. As the complexities of the fuels retail environment spiral, it becomes ever more difficult to maintain compliance in the various areas required – particularly as the nature of the business means that your asset base tends to be diverse and distributed. Thus, while it might be easy to ensure that all contractors and equipment meet with corporate standards if you are running just one site, consider how much harder it is to do so if your sites are dispersed across the country.

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Projects and success stories

  • Case Study | Oil and Gas Retail | Shell | Supplier Savings | On Key

    Renegotiation of prices is an important part of supply chain responsibilities.” Shell Engineering. We have been more involved in procurement management which promotes transformation and assurance.


  • Case Study | Oil and Gas | Retail Sites | Shell | Work Manager Application

    Data entered is real time, meaning as we capture, the system is updated. All relevant documentation can be attached, including site permits and photos.


  • Shell | Facilities Management Centre

    80% downtime reduction on fuel pumps from 2012 to 2016.