Success in the increasingly competitive manufacturing sector hinges on managing asset-related risks and reducing costs, without affecting performance. This becomes ever more difficult as manufacturers are challenged to maintain their high standards in the face of diminishing resources.

In this environment, a proactive stance is critical. Effective maintenance strategies pertaining to people, processes and technology prevent problems from developing and ensure organisations function consistently and optimally.

Projects and success stories

Case study | Automotive | Improved uptime

With the aid of On Key and the Focused Improvement business process, it assisted us in decreasing the downtime at the headliners section.



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Case study | Quarries | EAM system optimisation

PPC’s and Pragma Africa’s new partnership promises to take Strategy Management and Asset Care to new levels of excellence.



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Focused Maintenance during a Pandemic

Do you adjust your maintenance plans when your assets operate well below or above their usual capacity for extended periods? You should. Understanding which of your assets are business-critical, how hard they work at a given time and what maintenance they really require is key to mitigating risks, cutting costs (wisely) and procuring reliable equipment performance to deliver goods.



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