Asset management is a discipline with great benefits for OEM manufacturers. For instance, while once-off sales provide a single revenue boost, a service solution means that you can continue to receive revenue for as long as the client uses the equipment.

While servitisation is not a new concept, the adoption of OEM is being driven by the formalisation of ISO 55000, which requires that OEMs provide a balanced risk solution for their clients while creating cost and performance driven solutions for their own equipment. At the same time, the development of Industry 4.0 means that OEMs are now able to address the known challenges around both installed base management and performance management. This means that OEMs can monitor performance and analyse the resulting big data, positioning them to suggest value adding interventions to clients even before problems arise.

Pragma uses our proprietary AMIP assessment tool to help OEMs develop a transformation road map that will help them transition from manufacturers to service solution providers. Our integrated change management process ensures that businesses have all the information, support and advice required during the overhaul that this transition requires, and support the key elements form the foundation of services business: people, processes, tools and technology.

Projects and success stories

  • Case study | Chicken processing equipment | After sales

    For Meyn, it is important to have a trustworthy single view on our Installed Base in order to develop, sell and deliver After Sales services.


  • Reference story | Packaging | Maintenance plans

    The biggest benefit of this focused improvement project is the reduction in claims placed by clients due to incorrect spare parts being ordered and work executed.


  • Case study | Liquid packaging | AM maturity assessment

    The Pragma consultants were able to assess the maturity of our organisation in a structured manner. Their understanding of the Maintenance Solutions market led to structured and focused input to our improvement process.


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