With us on board, you could typically save between 10% to 20% on your maintenance bill. How is this possible? The answer lies in our best practices. The lessons we've learned in the retail space that has been captured meticulously in best practices and streamlined business processes.

The implementation of sound facilities management practices plays a critical role in enhancing customer experience, improving customer perception and increasing your market share. With Pragma as your FM partner, you free up your branch managers to focus on delivering the customer experience they deserve, while benefiting from our physical asset management expertise. With the implementation of our maintenance practices, the replacement of your assets will be delayed, improving capital efficiency.

Consider what the following best practices could mean to your business:
• Maintenance cost benchmarking which will put you in the position to know if you are getting value for money.
• Streamlining workflows with our Work Manage app, allowing your branch to log facilities calls on a mobile app and track contractor progress automatically.
• Gaining access to a vetted, third-party contractor pool who are already familiar with our streamlined workflow.
• Managing your contractors' performance with an objective scorecard
• Use of standard rates for maintenance and service work to optimise overall maintenance spend
• Improved quality of maintenance work by measuring and reducing rework.
• Access to improved, up-to-date asset information to prevent maintenance work on an asset that is still under warranty.
• Reducing risk and ensuring statutory compliance via a formal system.

While some of our clients only want a maintenance cost benchmark, others chose our EAM system and streamlined workflow process. Yet, others want a fully outsourced service. We cater for all these models in a partnership approach. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how you currently operate, to see if our tried and tested solutions could be of use given your business challenges and pain points.

Please make contact with our specialists for an exploratory meeting.

Projects and success stories

  • Client Reference | Distributed Facilities | Value Add in Gauteng Retail Outlets

    The client is one of the largest retailers on the African continent. They have an R100+ billion turnover and a staff complement of more than 120,000. Millions of people shop at 2.500 of their outlets every day.


  • Client Reference | Distributed Facilities | Retail | SLA driven performance

    Our client is a large supermarket retailer in Africa, operating over 2,500 outlets under 15 brands. To maintain infrastructure to provide this service requires a full-time physical asset management partner. Our client has partnered with us to render this service at more than 480 of their outlets throughout most of South Africa.


  • Reference story | Fast Foods | Increase in statutory SLA of tactical WO’s

    Since the implementation of the initiative, the statutory SLA for work orders completed increased from an average of 66% per month to an average of 94% per month.


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