welcome to the Pragma Academy

Our course content is designed to cover the full spectrum of your enterprise asset management training requirements. To ensure the successful development, implementation and execution of an asset management strategy and plan in support of boardroom goals, synergy is needed between management’s vision and understanding of asset management and the operational teams’ planning and execution.

To achieve this, we offer courses designed according to strategic, tactical and operational categories.

At a strategic level, our course content is aimed at the C-suite. The relevant topics covered here, include asset management strategy, ISO 55000, change management, asset life cycle management, sustainable development and asset financial management.

At a tactical level, the training requirements of middle management and supervisors are addressed. These courses have a more practical slant and are cross-functional for individuals who would like to develop their problem-solving capabilities. Some of the most popular courses include developing an asset management scorecard, maintenance plan development, project management as well as shutdown and outage management.

Aimed at tradespeople, our operational courses focus on everyday skills-based courses such as maintenance planning and scheduling, root cause analysis, lubrication principles, material management, practical 5S and much more.