Asset Care Service

With the rise of IoT or Industry 4.0, the business environment continues to change. Operations are leaner than ever, yet companies cannot afford for the quality of their services or products to decline. How to ensure that all resources are leveraged to deliver maximum returns? Simple: through fit for purpose, effective and preventative asset management.

This is where Pragma helps. We offer a scalable asset care service suited to organisations of all sizes and maturity levels. Depending on your internal capabilities and choice, we offer services ranging from:

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  • Focused improvement projects and needs-based advisory services from our asset care engineers
  • Augmenting your asset management team in your operational environment with our engineers and technical staff
  • A fully outsourced asset management programme where we perform planning, execution and procurement services on your behalf, freeing up your time to focus on your core business
  • 24/7 asset performance managementof specific critical assets to assure their optimum reliability and availability

Partnering with us means that all work is consistently performed to a high standard, in compliance with all your internal quality standards and ISO 55000. This is because our business processes and best practices are captured in our Asset Care Pack that has been tested and proven across a variety of industries. Every aspect of your asset management needs can be catered for, ranging from a high-level asset management strategy, focused improvement interventions, the optimisation of resource utilisation, spare parts management or the daily execution of planning and scheduling.

Our services can be delivered on any reputable asset management system, such as SAP® PM, Syspro or Sage, depending on the technology choice already embedded in your business. For those clients that do not have a system in place, Pragma’s On Key EAM system provides the ideal platform to manage assets, plan and schedule work and report on asset performance. The functionality we offer in On Key represents our years of experience in asset care and maintenance management and includes elements of work planning and scheduling asset data management, mobility, analytics and reporting.

We can help you take care of your assets, ensuring they provide the support needed for you to do business.

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Projects and success stories

Client Reference | Manufacturing | Focused Improvement project addressing high failure rate of equipment

Our client is a leading automotive manufacturer in South Africa. The client embarked on a journey to implement an asset management system based on the Pragma Way. One part of that system is Focused Improvement and structured problem-solving



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Client Reference | Distributed Facilities | Retail | SLA driven performance

Our client is a large supermarket retailer in Africa, operating over 2,500 outlets under 15 brands. To maintain infrastructure to provide this service requires a full-time physical asset management partner. Our client has partnered with us to render this service at more than 480 of their outlets throughout most of South Africa.



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Reference story | Retail | Costing Model

One costing model, applied across our 200+ contractors enables us to thoroughly manage/verify invoices.



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