Asset Care Service

Road Map showing steps to Sustainable Enterprise Asset Management
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Projects and success stories

Client Reference | Manufacturing | Focused Improvement project addressing high failure rate of equipment

Our client is a leading automotive manufacturer in South Africa. The client embarked on a journey to implement an asset management system based on the Pragma Way. One part of that system is Focused Improvement and structured problem-solving



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Client Reference | Distributed Facilities | Retail | SLA driven performance

Our client is a large supermarket retailer in Africa, operating over 2,500 outlets under 15 brands. To maintain infrastructure to provide this service requires a full-time physical asset management partner. Our client has partnered with us to render this service at more than 480 of their outlets throughout most of South Africa.



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Reference story | Retail | Costing Model

One costing model, applied across our 200+ contractors enables us to thoroughly manage/verify invoices.



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