Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring identifies hidden defects in equipment to improve the reliability of critical assets. It also helps uncover the causes of failure and guides the most effective corrective action.

We use diagnostic and prognostic assessments to create a reliability risk map of your mechanical and electrical plant, and use this as a foundation for a future-focused asset management strategy. The latest condition monitoring technology makes it possible to establish a baseline ‘normal’ standard of operation for all equipment by measurement and analysis of defined parameters. Component failure is often preceded by changes in these parameters, so keeping track of them helps you decide on the best course of action, whether that’s immediate maintenance or run-to-failure. Once you’ve addressed the issue, a further condition assessment is essential to ensure that the repair has been effective.

Our condition monitoring services and training are delivered by Martec, a Pragma Group company.

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Projects and success stories
  • Reference story | Manufacturing | Condition based monitoring

    A culture change occurred where the condition based activities are now owned by all levels in the engineering department.


  • Reference story | OEM | Integration of systems

    The ideas on how to import third party equipment maintenance plans, the quality of the import process and tool were vital for the project.


  • Reference story | Case Study | Manufacturing | Nampak Glass | Mechanical CM Services

    In one month alone risk was mitigated to the value of R1 244 500. This value includes potential production losses and direct maintenance expenses.