Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring (CM) is in a phase of rapid technological advancement and it finds itself at the forefront of development in the fields of Maintenance Management and Asset Management.

Industry 4.0

With the onset of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), significant advances have been made on gathering real-time data remotely and utilising big data concepts to analyse, trend and diagnose potential failure patterns and preventing breakdowns. It has also positioned predictive maintenance to play a more significant strategic role. It paves the way for broader utilisation of artificial intelligence in support of complex risk-based inspection and maintenance management models, taking risk management to new levels.

Sensor Technology

Sensor technology has a major impact on the feasibility of available condition monitoring techniques. This impacts precision maintenance, quality assurance, factory acceptance testing and asset life expansion. It also assists with improved safety and HSSE systems.

Why consider condition monitoring?

Condition monitoring identifies hidden defects in equipment to improve the reliability of critical assets and foretell anomalies that might lead to breakdowns. It uncovers the exact causes of failure and guides the most effective corrective action. Taking the impact of Industry 4.0 and sensors into consideration, it is clear that businesses are in a position to give their equipment and plants a voice to help them to better understand and maintain these assets by tracking their health and performance.  It also highlights that much better prediction is now possible and that businesses are in a better positioned to mitigate risks and increase efficiencies and save costs.

Our approach to condition monitoring

We use diagnostic and prognostic assessments to create a reliability risk map of your mechanical and electrical plant, and use this as a foundation for a future-focused asset management strategy. Modern condition monitoring technologies make it possible to establish a baseline ‘normal’ standard of operation for all equipment by measurement and analysis of defined parameters. Component failure is often preceded by changes in these parameters, so keeping track of them helps you decide on the best course of action, whether that’s immediate maintenance or run-to-failure. Once you’ve addressed the issue, a further condition assessment is essential to ensure that the repair has been effective.

Martec, our condition monitoring partners

Our condition monitoring services and training are delivered by Martec, a Pragma Group company.  Their services include the following:

Condition monitoring products and technologies | Martec is the official (in some cases, the sole) representative of more than 20 CM technology suppliers in Southern Africa.  The team will help you develop a custom road map to ensure that you make the right choices about CM technologies and hardware that will suit both your equipment and budget.

Advisory services | Our structured condition monitoring improvement plan (CMIP), is a thorough assessment that follows a six-step approach to work through all aspects of a comprehensive condition monitoring programme based on ISO 17359.  Once completed, you have everything you require to develop a condition monitoring strategy. A range of other advisory services is also availalbe that will help you identify the real condition of your plant equipment to mitigate catastrophic events.

Field services | Martec’s Field Services give clients access to the value that condition monitoring technologies offer through skilled resources and the latest technologies, at a fraction of the cost. Our team has years of extensive experience in both the mechanical and electrical fields.

In-time Monitoring and Analysis | Martec’s In-time monitoring and analysis service enables both local and remote monitoring and support for industrial plants. Access to asset data is enhanced with in-depth analysis and expert advise on corrective actions to maintain uptime and increase equipment longevity.

Training | Our condition monitoring training includes traditional methods and advanced technological solutions. Our courses cover technical and operational topics in line with the respective technical IEC specifications and are developed with structured learning techniques.

Resources | Tap into a range of case studies and technical tools or TechTalks that explains condition monitoring solutions and tactics and become a master in Condition Monitoring.

To find out more about Martec’s condition monitoring solutions or to purchase condition monitoring technologies, visit the Martec website or contact one of their representatives on this page.

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Projects and success stories

Client Reference | Power Utility | Improved MV Substation Reliability and Safety with CM

Time to enhance our substation maintenance programme, by identifying and using CM technologies that allow us to continuously or periodically monitor and diagnose in order to forecast component degradation so that as needed, planned maintenance can be performed prior to equipment failure”



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Client Reference | Manufacturing | Mechanical Condition Assessment | High Volume Printing

A specialised printing entity providing services to government stakeholders realised the need for reliability improvement due to irregular maintenance expenditure.



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Client Reference | Manufacturing | Real-time condition based monitoring using IIoT

The real-time condition monitoring project brought health measures of critical assets within the client’s plant into a single interactive real-time operational dashboard and workflow environment. This facilitated better efficiency and control supported by cross platform application, device, sensor, machine, and human integration.



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