Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring identifies hidden defects in equipment to improve the reliability of critical assets and foretell anomolies that might lead to breakdowns. It uncovers the exact causes of failure and guides the most effective corrective action.

We use diagnostic and prognostic assessments to create a reliability risk map of your mechanical and electrical plant, and use this as a foundation for a future-focused asset management strategy. The latest condition monitoring technology makes it possible to establish a baseline ‘normal’ standard of operation for all equipment by measurement and analysis of defined parameters. Component failure is often preceded by changes in these parameters, so keeping track of them helps you decide on the best course of action, whether that’s immediate maintenance or run-to-failure. Once you’ve addressed the issue, a further condition assessment is essential to ensure that the repair has been effective.

Our condition monitoring services and training are delivered by Martec, a Pragma Group company.

The core focus of Martec’s service and product offering is to deliver engineered, intelligent condition monitoring solutions which enable in-time monitoring services. We work with our clients to implement reliability improvement initiatives, designed to drive sustained plant integrity.

Our value offer to clients is based around two key areas – products and value-added services. Martec is a supplier of world-class condition monitoring products and sensor technology, integrated into an IoT platform. Our end to end motoring solution provides us with in-time data which we analyse and turn into valuable information. We employ a number of industry experts that use this information to advise our clients, helping to drive their reliability improvement programmes. Also, our dedicated field service teams ensure all electrical reticulation systems are operating optimally to prevent downtime. This combined offering ensures our clients can confidently make decisions on the status of their plant integrity.

To find out more about Martec’s condition monitoring solutions or to purchase condition monitoring technologies, visit the Martec website or contact one of their representatives on this page.

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Projects and success stories

  • Client Reference | Power Utility | Improved MV Substation Reliability and Safety with CM

    Time to enhance our substation maintenance programme, by identifying and using CM technologies that allow us to continuously or periodically monitor and diagnose in order to forecast component degradation so that as needed, planned maintenance can be performed prior to equipment failure”


  • Client Reference | Manufacturing | Mechanical Condition Assessment | High Volume Printing

    A specialised printing entity providing services to government stakeholders realised the need for reliability improvement due to irregular maintenance expenditure.


  • Client Reference | Manufacturing | Real-time condition based monitoring using IIoT

    The real-time condition monitoring project brought health measures of critical assets within the client’s plant into a single interactive real-time operational dashboard and workflow environment. This facilitated better efficiency and control supported by cross platform application, device, sensor, machine, and human integration.