Consulting and Projects

Looking to improve a specific area of your asset management programme? Our asset management specialists are available for short-term or ongoing consulting.

Asset Management maturity assessments

We’ll conduct a thorough Asset Management Improvement Planning (AMIP) assessment of your systems and plant, and we'll use the results to develop a long-term improvement road map which takes current challenges into account and puts ISO 55000 compliance within reach.

Asset Management Improvement Planning | AMIP
Consulting services

Our senior asset management specialists are available to consult on all issues related to your equipment and plant, including getting your organisation ready for ISO 55000 accreditation. Our asset maturity assessments help develop asset management policy, strategy and implementation, and lay the foundation for ongoing asset care plans, standards and procedures. We’ll help you manage all aspects of your asset lifecycle, from asset identification, verification and condition assessments to risk analysis and evaluation; from spare parts administration to inventory optimisation; from condition monitoring to condition-based maintenance programmes. We’ll assist with energy management and can also guide the planning and management of shutdowns. Our ultimate goal is to help you get the most out of your assets so that you can do more with your resources while driving down costs.

We’re able to do this effectively thanks to the seniority and experience of our team, our culture of continuous improvement, and our thorough understanding of the finer nuances of each client’s case.

Our asset management specialists provide assistance and guidance for projects in a wide range of key performance areas.


We believe that our success can be attributed to several factors.

  • We help our clients develop a full understanding of their needs and guide them through the actions required to address these.
  • We appoint a resident asset management team who support our proposed solutions and are on hand to plan, implement and execute them.
  • We put another team in place to continue taking care of the project after the initial involvement of our asset care specialists.
  • We secure buy-in from senior management  so that our solution has their full support.

By following these steps, we help our clients entrench a culture of continuous improvement and develop teams geared towards finding practical solutions, even if this means trying a new way of doing things.


Projects and success stories

Reference story | Municipal | AM Maturity Assessment

Shift towards optimal mix of reactive to proactive planned maintenance.



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Reference story | Automotive | Criticality Analysis

Our client now has better insight into the criticality of their equipment and technologies, to assist in focusing maintenance efforts to reduce equipment downtime.



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Mining | Planning and Scheduling

Introducing the On Key planning and scheduling tool highlighted the amount of unnecessary Work Orders, and proper Work Order planning sessions were held with the parties concerned.



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