Asset Life Cycle Management

Long Term Asset Plan

Life Cycle Costing when purchasing assets

Projects and success stories

Client Reference | Mining | Coal | Life Cycle Costing Model

The LCC model enhances my ability to manage a lean and agile engineering team. This model will ensure healthy components on assets in line with the business strategy, thus improving the overall availability and reliability of the assets. By doing this, production will increase.



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Case Study | Oil and Gas | Retail Sites | FI Generator | Life Cycle Management

Assets or components removed from revamped sites are often still fully functional. We are pleased to have received rebates from the replacement of generators. We encourage Pragma to create rebate, reuse or recycle programmes for decommissioned assets on site.



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Brochure | Asset Life Cycle Management

Asset life cycle management describes the best practices regarding life cycle decisions about assets. It explains how to develop life cycle plans for critical assets in terms of their expected economic life, mid-life overhaul plan, maintenance approach, suitability of the technology and life cycle costs.