EAM software solutions

Ever wondered why your EAM system or CMMS isn’t doing what it’s meant to? That’s probably because the system isn’t aligned to your strategy or organisational objectives.

Our solution

Our experienced engineers are able to implement, optimise or reconfigure your existing EAM system so that it supports your organisational goals. They also deliver specialist services on SAP® EAM. Alternatively, opt for our own system, On Key.

On Key overview

We have drawn on our many years of engineering experience and expertise, plus our knowledge of asset management best practice, to develop a tool which allows asset managers to get the most from their resources.

On Key

Our engineers provide consulting services to ensure your SAP® EAM system is optimally configured to address your particular challenges.


Projects and success stories
  • Case study | Mining | Mobile work management

    Since the roll-out of the application, it has made it much easier to measure work progress thereby aiding in managing the workload.


  • Client Reference | Manufacturing | Automotive | On Key Work Planning & Control on SAP® PM

    On Key allows us to plan, schedule and allocate tasks to our artisans based on available man hours and we can already see an improvement in our Weekly Scheduled Attainment. This is great for us as we measure our efficiency based on work planned versus work executed.


  • Reference story | Water utility | SAP® PM optimisation

    Moving from an unused SAP® PM system to a well-engineered asset management aligned system.