Facilities Management

Our approach to facility management is simple. Facilitate a safe, efficient environment, fit for purpose and offering an excellent experience. But, not all facilities are created equal. A retail outlet and manufacturing facility has vastly different requirements. With our engineering expertise and background in asset management we can assist portfolio managers in delivering value to their internal clients with the use of proven business processes backed by the appropriate systems and best-of-breed service providers. Be it a head office building, mall, forecourt, distribution centre, warehouse, plant or anything in between, we can assist.

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Our business process

Infographic showing Pragma's Business Process

Our model explained

Our service model requires a strong partnership between you – the FM manager-, us – the FM partner – and contractors to ensure a cohesive team ready and able to get down to work.

We start the process with a facility management maturity assessment to identify any gaps and use the information to derive the FM policy and strategy in line with your business objectives. This way you know that your specific business challenges are addressed and service level agreements are aligned, fit for purpose and cost sensitive.

Once the strategic vision is set, we search for the best third-party service providers, ensuring that you get the best people for the job. With this approach, focus is purely on quality of work without an incentive to keep work in-house. Strict service level agreements with providers are enforced through our facility management system and mobile contractor management app. The intelligence behind our software solutions make it possible to measure contractor performance and objectively compare, benchmark and improve your work environment.

Furthermore, we’ll:

  • Implement and run your facility and asset management centre in support of proven business processes
  • Identify and implement focused improvement initiatives aimed at improved user experience, reducing risk, optimising cost such as energy, water, cleaning and security
  • Ensure data and information integrity through our business processes allowing informed decisions
  • Provide engineering services in support of your HSE drive and technical challenges
  • Improve service levels
  • Assist you in bringing your building to life through IoT, using the appropriate sensors and best systems.
Soft services

These services refer to all non-technical facility management needs

  • Access control
  • Cleaning services
  • Gardens and landscaping
  • Security services
  • Environmental care and protection
Technical services

Technical services are usually engineering based and refer to all facility management requirements related to systems and physical asset maintenance

  • Building management systems, maintenance and repairs
  • CCTV and security systems
  • Electrical, lighting and air conditioning system
  • Statutory compliance
  • HVAC
Business support services

Although these services are non-core, they are an integral part of day-to-day operations of your facility and affects the productivity of your team

  • Integrated service centre (FM call centre / helpdesk)
  • Central security room
  • Reception

Projects and success stories

Case Study | Distribution Facilities | Retail | Pepkor

  • 50% decrease in turn around time to complete work orders
  • Accurate and up to date asset register
  • Better control over technical and soft service contractors



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Case Study | Distributed Facilities | Office Management | Curo Fund Services | Contractor Management and Work Processes

This is how we reduced our client's printing paper usage by 25% and reduced their monthly recycling costs by 308% while working with them to develop an FM strategy.



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Client Reference | Facilities | Commercial Property | Pragma Service Request App

On Key Action provided a service request app that did away with system complexities and allows us to increase the accuracy, volume and velocity of service requests logged by users. This has a direct impact on the condition of our assets and facility.



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