certificate in asset management

Our Certificate in Asset Management (CAM) is a three-year course that caters for the business needs of organisations at three levels. While our strategic and tactical courses are aimed at the C-suite and middle management, respectively, the tactical level caters for tradespersons. This allows a golden thread to be weaved from the boardroom to the shop floor, carrying the same message throughout the organisation, giving invaluable alignment to your balanced scorecard or performance management system.


The flexible structure of CAM allows organisations to implement training according to their specific needs – some of which includes:

  • Presenting ad hoc courses
  • Running courses in parallel with the execution of the company’s asset management strategy
  • Building a customised asset management advancement programme by selecting key courses to aid learning pathways assisting with succession planning competency.


Find the detail on timeframes, the scope of modules and custom-built enhancements for your unique requirements in the brochure below.




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Contact the specialists
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