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Shell Retail and commercial growing their relationship with Pragma

Over the years Pragma has become an integral part of the Shell family.
Our partnership, dating back to April 2006, has recently been
reconfirmed and the contract extended with more responsibility being
passed on to Pragma as from 1 April 2011.

The Facilities Maintenance contract (FMC) for the Retail and Commercial
Fuel sites in RSA, Namibia and Botswana is delivered via the Cape Town
based Asset Care Centre and associated Service Support Centre. Field
engineers responsible for managing the asset care and maintenance work
on the host of Retail and Commercial sites and contractors reside
throughout these regions.

The combined asset register consists of more than 60 000 MSIs on On Key.
Currently an annual count of more than 24 000 work orders is created
with Retail and Commercial owners having 365x24x7 access to assistance
and service.

The project’s scope has grown and many changes initiated since the partnership kicked off:

  • The site and asset ownership platform changed over time to make provision for new business strategies.
  • The ongoing evolution of Shell’s business offerings results in the
    frequent replacement of new equipment types, with new asset care
  • Very stringent HSSE requirements and demand on contractor management
    led to a range of training courses being developed and contractors
    being trained intensively. More than 600 contractor staff members have
    received the Shell PTW training from and certified by Pragma since 2009.
  • The pool of technical sub-contractors, ranging from pump and
    dispenser maintenance workers to builders and painters was shrunk to
    less than 110, as result of the diligent application of more stringent
    qualifying criteria.

At the helm of the Retail FMC team is Andre Cloete. Edna Jackson and her team take care of Commercial Fuels. 

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