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Sleep easy at Netcare

Late in 2009 Netcare embarked on a process of implementing a SAP PM
pilot site. The stakes were high: fit in to the SAP IHS (ERP)
implementation or your project is canned.

Peter Schilder, group technical manager of the Netcare group immediately
engaged Pragma, having learnt our ways at Medi-clinic. The
implementation process was too important to make any mistakes and system
support and decision making was an important part of the process.

As a public sector team we reviewed the SAP blueprint before embarking
on the project. The blueprint was relatively standard and we were happy
that the configuration would support the business needs after a few
small changes. Some difficult questions needed to be asked about the
combination of two active asset registers (property and healthcare) into
a single, integrated SAP PM master list.

Netcare positions itself as market leader in terms of healthcare,
placing significant focus on the management of facilities and equipment
in support of their core business. For example, one policy states that
for any theatre to be operational there must be at least two backup
power supplies at any single point (theatres are scheduled for close on
24 hours every day).

Asset master data was collected and presented with some unique
constraints while the AM Assessment, policy, strategy, tactics,
Standards Manual and Master Plan are on their final revisions. The idea
has become simple: show value at Pretoria East, and 54 hospitals are
yours for the taking.

The focus has also changed from project work to operational support
and we have recruited an additional two resources to ensure long-term
value add for the client and conformance to the stringent healthcare

Keep a lookout for Juan, Thato and Alastiar who carry the Pragma
values high and are rapidly taking Netcare from good to incomparable.
Sleep easy knowing that Pragma is supporting Netcare in their pursuit
of asset management excellence.

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