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Boosting OEM After-Sales Service efficiency: The power of an EAMS

Author | Stefan Terblanche, Pragma Partner Consultant Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) face many challenges when it comes to providing effective and efficient after-sales service to their clients. The typical OEM after-sales business process, as shown in the following diagram, consists of several activities that need to be performed. For an OEM to be efficient in […]

Building resilient partnerships: Pragma’s approach to thriving in challenging times

Pragma’s contractors are not faceless service providers. We see them as collaborators, and we focus on building strong relationships with them based on a shared vision. Liza Schroeder, Pragma’s Brand and Communications Manager, recently spoke to Pragma’s Managing Director, Attie Nieuwoudt, about what goes into developing these solid partnerships, and how Pragma is redefining what […]

Six reasons why organisations need Pragma’s Generator Asset Health Management service

Clients like Shell, PEP and Dipula Income Fund trust us to conduct online monitoring to manage the maintenance and refuelling of their generators. Here are some reasons why our generator online monitoring and management solution can better help you to ensure business continuity. 1. Equipment compatibility  Our gateway device is compatible with various generator controller brands and models, enabling […]

How we do contractor management at Pragma

Contractor management can be fraught with difficulty and often gives rise to what we call ‘pain areas’. At Pragma we have developed a contractor management process that helps to smooth over these difficulties. During a live broadcast, Vangie Mari, Business Area Manager presented an overview of the process that we follow at Pragma, both for […]

Using technology and processes to address the retail sector’s asset management challenges

Retail branch managers have a broad set of responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include staff management, keeping optimal stock levels and ensuring that the branch expenditures stay within budget. Ultimately, the retail manager’s responsibility is to create and maintain a welcoming and satisfying experience for customers. Maintenance is part and parcel of this important customer […]

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