Exxaro Coal Central

Exxaro celebrates four employees announced as Pragma Value Add Ambassador winners

July 27, 2020

Every six months, future-focused engineering services company Pragma, awards industry achievers in the mining, retail, government, manufacturing and oil and gas sectors for their meaningful contribution to their respective organisations. Pragma aims at helping their clients to perform at their peak while balancing asset management, cost and risk. Diversified and dynamic mining group Exxaro, is […]

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Adel van der Merwe and Nardus Groenewald

Pragma wins Exxaro Supplier Award for Operational Excellence

September 20, 2019

Pragma’s Asset Care team at Exxaro Coal Central received their second coveted award in acknowledgement for their excellent work in one year. This time around, Adel van der Merwe and Nardus Groenewald, AC Engineers at Exxaro Coal Central, and their well-deserving team were awarded the Exxaro Supplier Award for Operational Excellence. Exxaro has some 7000 […]

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