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The Pragma Group celebrates ISO 27001 certification

Achieving ISO 27001 certification is no small feat for any organisation. At Pragma it took two years, significant financial investment and a massive company-wide effort – well worth it for the value that the certification will add to the company and its clients. Pragma is now celebrating this recent achievement and joins a group of […]

Effective procurement practices aligned to asset management can save you millions

Andre Jordaan: Partner Consultant, Pragma In a world where examples of inappropriate expenditure are widespread, it is easy to justify extensive procurement practices as a means of improving governance. However, it would be best if you deliberated whether such practices are meeting your intended objectives, and at what cost. In any company or organisation, procurement […]

Risk management and proactive maintenance

In this issue’s Mario on Maintenance column Mario Kuisis deals with risk management and suggests that, as we slowly return to normal business practices following several years of unpredictability, plant and industrial operators should look beyond survival and towards reducing operational uncertainty to minimum levels possible. For many South African businesses, if not most, the […]

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