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Terblanche to tackle asset management success factors in the mining industry

Stefan Terblanche, Partner Consultant at leading physical asset management company Pragma, will be one of the speakers at this year’s South African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) Conference, which takes place at the CTICC in Cape Town from 12 to 14 May.

Says Terblanche: “In recent years, the asset management community has been spoiled with excellent publications such as PAS55, ISO 55000, GFMAMs AM Landscape and the IAMs AM Anatomy. Each of these publications provide a wealth of good practice and advice for asset management practitioners to implement at their organisation.”

Terblanche continues that most asset management practitioners will agree on the value of these practices and advice. “However, in reality it’s never as simple as implementing all of it at once or even over a couple of years. An organisation simply can’t focus on 39 subjects or even 10 for that matter. As with all other initiatives in organisations, asset management also competes for valuable and very limited time and resources. In order to be successful with your asset management drive, careful consideration will have to be given to what must be done when. If you spread your programme too wide and thin, the results will most likely also be very thin and not sustainable.”

So what are the critical few success factors of asset management that should receive the most attention? What does the ‘good’ AM organisation do really well to ensure the cost, risk and performance of their assets are optimally managed? Where does one start with your asset management improvement programme? Of the 39 subjects, which are the ones that leverage the best results?

Terblanche continues: “Over the last decade Pragma has compiled industry benchmarks consisting of all the results of asset management assessments conducted. All assessment results are mapped to Pragma’s AMIP (Asset Management Improvement Plan) framework that incorporates all the good practices and advice available. My presentation will analyse the mining and minerals assessment benchmark to provide qualified advice on the critical asset management success factors in the mining industry.”

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