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The Service Request app everybody’s been waiting for

Service Request App
Service Request App

Are you looking for that one thing that will take your customer or employee experience to the next level? Then Pragma’s Service Request app is for you. Take your employees, guests or customers on a shared facilities management journey by allowing them to log service requests without the need to download any additional apps or software products. All they need is their phone and preferred QR scanner.

It is easy to use, fast and eliminates the user’s frustration to log a call via a designated person or the hassle of first walking back to their PCs to do so. In addition, the user has access and live feedback on the progress of existing requests logged, such as problematic air conditioners, leaking taps or faulty coffee machines.

The app is built around operational efficiency as it enables automated workflow by logging new service requests as work orders in On Key. On Key’s built in Work Planning and Control process then ensures execution of the work which is measured against a Service Level Agreement. Furthermore, the app is enabled to fill out the service request form automatically with the information provided by the scanned QR code.

The Service Request allows three ways for users to login, making it easy for visitors to also log service requests. It facilitates a shared facility management culture between facility teams and end-users, making it easier to work together and create an improved work environment and customer experience.

Read the full client reference story about the Service Request App here.

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