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Tiger Brands announcement

Partnership Announcement

The Tiger Brands Foundation has announced its first corporate funding for its schools feeding programme. Physical asset management company, Pragma, has committed to fund the project over the next two years to provide in-school breakfasts to 323 vulnerable learners daily.

Pragma has shared a long history with Tiger Brands by providing computerised asset management systems to Culinary, King Food, Albany Bakeries, Tastic and Jungle. In addition, they have also supplied an outsourced maintenance management service to Albany Bakeries.

Says Alan Tait, Managing Director of Pragma: “This partnership with the Tiger Brands Foundation brings us closer to ensuring all children have the opportunity to learn and grow. It develops our mission to create sustainable and replicable programmes to improve the lives of vulnerable children and their communities.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to me. I cannot imagine having to go to school without a meal, where children are expected to not only learn, but also grow physically. Supporting the Tiger Brands Foundation is a no-brainer – giving children a nutritious meal before they start the school day is truly nourishing young growing minds. We’re excited by the contribution to in-school feeding and believe this partnership will bring great value.”

For the past 20 years, hundreds of clients have benefited from the unique Pragma way, a service concept. Pragma is a global engineering company that provides a strategic alliance with their clients contributing to improved asset performance, cost savings and risk containment. Physical asset management service branded as the Asset Care Centre (ACC), combines the Pragma team and capabilities, business processes and best practices, as well as tools and technologies – ultimately benefitting their client portfolio.

Visit www.pragmaworld.net for further information on their products and services.

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