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Top companies awarded for quality asset management practices

Tetra Pak wins overall CEO Award

A number of top South African and international companies were presented with awards for their exceptional physical asset management practices at the annual Pragma Client Awards function (held last night, 9 June 2011) at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West.

The overall CEO Award was presented to Tetra Pak, a global packaging company, for successfully implementing and launching On Key 5 in 178 countries globally. The CEO award acknowledges exceptional improvement of asset management best practices and processes within a client’s operation.

In the ACC@Client (client has an on-site Asset Care Centre) category, the Gold award went to the City Of Cape Town Electricity Services Electrical Support Services. Says Adriaan Scheeres, CEO of Pragma Holdings: “It’s the third year in a row that the City of Cape Town wins this award. We’d like to congratulate the team for this exceptional achievement and recognise them as a responsible asset owner. The key success factors contributing to their success is that, once again, management was committed to improving the performance of their physical assets. They diligently measured, communicated and followed up on their asset management performance, created a pleasant working environment for staff – which also contributes to employee morale, and managed the project management process in a detailed and thorough fashion.”

The Silver award in this category was given to PFG Building Glass for the commitment from management to improve their assets’ performance, their dedication to manage the work planning and control process well, as well as for their clean and tidy plant.

Aberdare Cables Long Street walked away with the Bronze award for their commitment from management, their practical implementation of SAP EAMS in a simple and effective manner, as well as the well managed technical library and information process.

Closely competing in this category were Delmas Coal, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gold Fields South Deep, Johannesburg City Parks and Nkomati Mines.

In the second category, ACC@Pragma (client has an Asset Care Centre service delivered from a local Pragma office), Ceres Fruit Juices walked away with top honours. They were in third place last year. Says Scheeres: “We’d like to congratulate the team with their Gold award as they really worked hard at it. We recognise Ceres Fruit Juices as a responsible asset owner and honour their efforts and high levels in physical asset management maturity for their Environmental Health and Safety and Life Cycle Management as per the AMIP Excellence grid.”

They were followed by Silver award winners Meadow Feeds Pietermaritzburg for their excellent top management involvement and drive, the planning and scheduling done optimally using ACC@Pragma inputs and their maintenance history which was used and analysed to implement improvements.

The Silver Award was presented to Minopex Volclay, which is a fairly new On Key implementation – only since 2009. Says Scheeres: “Pragma acknowledges how quickly their system data became accurate, the focussed improvement effort from their team and the part they played in the optimisation of ceramic anvil liners which run 1 month instead of 1 week, resulting in a replacement saving of R285 000? per month.”

Bronze was awarded to PPC De Hoek in this category. “Some of the key success drivers at PPC De Hoek were the extent to which Physical Asset Management is an integral part of PPC Business Management, the availability and accessibility of PAM (Physical Asset Management) info on the Intranet as well as the level of detail of information management,” Scheeres concludes.

The top ten participants in this category were PPC PE, De Hoek, Jupiter, Minopex Marikana, Eland and Volclay, the Medi-Clinics in Bloemfontein, Hoogland and Potchefstoom and Sun International: Sun City.

The first prize in each category was awarded two sponsored entries to the Pragma Conference in 2012 and two sponsored academy courses of their choice valid for the next year. The value is between R20 000 and R25 000. The Silver award winners receive one entry to the Pragma conference in 2012 and an entry for an academy training course with Bronze winners receiving and academy course of their choice.

Kromco received the Bronze award as their management and engineering team is committed to a high level Asset Management. Says Scheeres: “They acted on assessment feedback and implemented the improvement plan. There was positive cooperation between departments at all levels and in maintenance teams with the focus on ownership and accountability.”

Also considered for these positions were Continental Beverage Bloemfontein, Imana Foods, Lancewood Holdings, Meadow Feeds PE, Meadow Feeds Pietermaritzburg, Pegasus, Kromco, Rainbow Worcester, Tetrapak Durban and Tiger Brands Sasolburg.

The third Category, ACC (Asset Care Centre) Client operated generated a very tight competition. “Minopex Eland distinguished themselves from the pack and were awarded Gold by applying the On Key reports, the fault tree analysis and 5 whys, and improved the performance of their Larox filter resulting in a saving of R400 000 once off and also R100 000.”

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