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Unlocking Asset Management Excellence: Pragma’s Spotlight at the SAAMA Conference, 5-6 June 2024

As anticipation builds for the upcoming South African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) Conference, Pragma is ready to make its mark again. Renowned as a thought leader in the field, Pragma is poised to deliver a series of insightful presentations and showcase its innovative solutions at the event, scheduled for 5-6 June 2024.

With a wealth of solutions, skills, and expertise, Pragma is positioned as a premium sponsor and exhibitor at the SAAMA Conference, a testament to its commitment to advancing the asset management landscape. Delegates can anticipate a range of thought-provoking articles presented by key contributors from Pragma, covering various aspects of asset management best practices and emerging trends. “We are thrilled to be part of the SAAMA Conference once again,” says Liza Schroeder, Brand and Marketing Manager at Pragma. “Our team is excited to share knowledge and practical applications that reflect our dedication to driving excellence in asset management.”

Among the notable presentation lineup is Training Designer Caitlin Moir, who delves into the pivotal role of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in driving digital transformation and knowledge management. Highlighting the intersection of data-driven insights and practical knowledge application, Moir’s session promises to enlighten attendees seeking to leverage technology for enhanced asset management practices.

Darryl Aberdein and Mariska Kotze will address a familiar challenge maintenance teams face: Spare Parts Management. Their presentations will elucidate best practices for administering spare parts in engineering environments, offering valuable guidance for practitioners looking to optimise maintenance processes.

Pragma’s Advisory team constantly navigates the asset management landscape to identify and evaluate new trends. Managing Director Stephan Kornelius will share several observations on the evolving landscape of asset management, focusing on digital, physical, and human trends shaping the industry’s future. From digital twins to predictive maintenance, Kornelius will provide an essential understanding of key trends and their implications for asset managers.

Maintenance readiness has the potential to unlock measurable value for capital projects. Thean van den Berg will tackle the critical phase of transitioning from project execution to operations, emphasising the importance of maintenance readiness in maximising project outcomes. Through real-world examples and practical strategies, van den Berg will equip stakeholders with the tools to navigate this complex process effectively.

During his session, reliability engineering specialist André Jordaan will challenge delegates to consider whether they are actively shaping and enhancing their defect elimination/improvement process or evolving organically. He will explore these processes and offer guidance on using ISO 5500x standards to drive continuous improvement in asset management practices.

Strategy expert Philip Hanekom will further the governance theme by focusing on the essential elements of designing and implementing a governance framework for asset management. He will draw on ISO 55001 requirements and real-world examples to illustrate best practices and common pitfalls.

Lastly, our work management specialist, Tim Beavon, will explore the challenges and opportunities of technology, data systems, and human interfaces in enhancing asset reliability. Through a comprehensive framework, Beavon will address key dimensions such as systems, processes, and people, offering a broad view into improving the quality of maintenance work data for enhanced reliability.

The SAAMA Conference presents a unique opportunity for asset management professionals to gain valuable insights, exchange ideas, and explore innovative solutions. Pragma invites attendees to visit its exhibition stand to engage with experts and discover how Pragma’s solutions can address its asset management pain points. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry leaders and advance your asset management practices. Join Pragma at the SAAMA Conference on June 5th and 6th, 2024, and together, let’s unlock the full potential of asset management excellence.


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