L3 contractor engagement

As part of our extensive enterprise asset management service offering, we contract with L3 service providers to do selective maintenance work for our clients.

We follow a stringent recruitment process because of health and safety legislation (for some of our clients) and our own requirement for consistent quality work.

We review most contracts annually at which point we might consider new applicants if current contractors no longer perform according to our service level agreements. And as we take on new clients, we need to recruit additional service providers.

If you would like to work with Pragma, please submit your pre-screening application below. We won’t consider any submissions that are not completed in full. Should a need arise that your services could address, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to present your organisation, followed by an official accreditation process.

Note that, should we reach out to you for work, you will have to prove actual experience in the fields of work you are applying for. You will also have to prove that the resources performing the work are your employees and not sub-contractors.  Should we find that you don’t have previous experience or the required permanent resources, your application will not be considered.

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Please note that this is a preliminary questionnaire to determine if your company will be a good fit for Pragma. You will only hear from us if we require your service.  

Complete the application in full