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What or WHO is your most valuable asset

Training forms an integral part of smart asset management, as it provides operational teams with the know how to align and action operational activities to deliver on your organisation’s boardroom goals.

To realise the potential value of your assets, the people who work with your assets on a day-to-day basis has to ensure that the right ones are in play, maintained and serving organisational goals. For this reason, even in a capital-intensive environment, your workforce is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets.

Just like assets your workforce needs a ‘maintenance plan’ to ensure that their knowledge base remains in peak condition. In doing this, you are assured that your team has the required skills to perform their work. Training programmes linked to your strategic competence management initiatives will do just this and could have many positive spinoffs, of which employee buy-in tops the list. The implications of this simple concept is far reaching, especially in asset management, where specialist skills are hard to come by and where employee buy-in is critical to the implementation of a sound asset management strategy.

“When your staff understands why asset management is important, how it contributes to the overall success of your organisation and how the work they perform assist in achieving organisational success, their buy-in rate will be much higher. Once you have buy-in the likelihood that your asset management strategy will be implemented as planned will increase,” says Pragma Managing Director Andries van Heerden, who believes that a training partner with a background in asset management can assist organisations to achieve this goal.

While most companies focus on system or CMMS training, the basics of asset management are often neglected. The Pragma Academy combines enterprise asset management system training with asset management training. The training programme is designed to support the strategic, tactical and operational roles within a maintenance facility, and is tailored to the user’s system.

“Most companies who offer SAP® EAM training, only offer click-here-click-there transaction-based courses. Our training is designed to embed the necessary asset care skills and knowledge first, and then teaching people how to use their EAM systems,” says Andries.

Pragma also offers a certificate in physical asset management over three years, and can align SAP® EAM training with this course. This enables organisations to have personnel with the ability to not only execute SAP® EAM transactional codes but also to understand the reasons for it.

Want to know more and empower your workforce with a thorough understanding of asset management business processes aligned with SAP® EAM? Visit www.pragmaworld.net/academy, call +27 11 848 6940 or email the Pragma Academy.

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