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Work Manager app behind the scenes

Latest mobile app development technology

Our development team uses the latest ‘best-in-class’ mobile app development technology available. This powerful technology enables us to deliver cutting-edge native Android and iOS apps that provide excellent performance.

Additionally, it offers cross-platform development capabilities, which means that up to 70% of the code is shared between the Android and iOS app. This significantly reduces development time and ensures that we’re able to deliver new app features and enhancements across both platforms simultaneously.

Agile development and continuous delivery

We follow an agile software development methodology, which encourages and facilitates rapid and flexible responses to your feedback and requirements. This allows for continuous delivery and short development iterations, which means that we’re able to deliver new app features and enhancements faster and more frequently.

This methodology also places huge emphasis on quality delivery, which helps to ensure that we deliver bug-free and reliable apps.

Sleek user Interface (UI) design

Countless hours spent on user interface design ensure that the apps have the familiar Android and iOS look and feel that you’re used to, while still providing seamless and intuitive process flows that make sense in any asset management environment.

In addition to this, the app goes through rigorous user acceptance testing to ensure that the applied designs deliver a delightful user experience, while remaining robust and practical.

Leveraging your device

The app is designed to leverage your device’s built-in features and functionality to deliver a rich and comprehensive feature set. The app can make use of the following features built into your device:

  • GPS – for keeping track of where your contractors are when they update their work assignments
  • Camera – for capturing visual feedback and scanning asset barcodes
  • Voice recorder – for capturing audible feedback and voice notes
  • Maps – to easily identify where sites and assets are located and to provide directions

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